Legal Online Casinos For USA Players

There are many legal online casino options that players have when they are looking at trying to play, and wants to bring all of these to the forefront of the discussion. The simple fact of the matter is that there are misconceptions and misnomers about the legality of online casinos. The goal here is to alleviate those reservations by providing you with legal and legitimate online casinos that are open to players from many countries, including the United States.

In addition to learning about some of the online casinos that are legal to sign up for and bet actual money, the answers to commonly asked questions are formed and answered as well. These questions cover quite a few topics for a well-rounded view of the issues that are facing online casinos today. Like we said they are currently legal, but even still there is more expansion for them taking place, especially in the United States. It's paving the way towards further legitimizing and already legitimate industry.

Best Online Casinos

Check out some of the best-rated legal online casinos that we've come across in our research and reviews of the industry. There are some great options to go after, all of which give something great to their account holders. You are able to jump and visit each site as well if are interested in doing so, please feel free.

Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red Casino provides their players with what has turned into one of the most generous casinos out there. Between their bonuses and their payouts, Lucky Red Casino has made more big winners than nearly any other. They offer a choice between a slots bonus and a table games bonus, letting you play with a 400% match to $4,000 on the former and a 100% match to $1,000 on the latter.

Lucky Red uses RTG software to offer their players a range of different games, with more than 50 slots, a dozen styles of video poker, and table games galore. Lucky Red has never sacrificed their reputation, which is why we have put so much trust in them to make sure you are totally safe when it comes to playing their games.

Club World Casino

Club World Casino provides their players with one of the safest of the casinos on the market. If you join Club World, you do not have to worry about legal problems, an illegitimate gambling site, or anything other than having a good time. We have played with Club World Casino in order to make sure it is one of the legitimate gambling sites and they have passed our tests. If you register at Club World, you will be given a choice between bonuses.

A 100% match to $777 for slots or a 100% match to $150 for blackjack can be collected with Club World by way of the bonus codes BIGSLOT or NEW100. Either way, you will be treating yourself to a set of games that have no rival, as Club World boasts some of the highest payouts ever offered. Casino

We can't mention the 'best' online casinos that are legal to sign up for and play without talking about Casino. This casino has too much to offer players not to be in the top category. Right off the bat when you go on to's homepage you will see that up to $5,000 in bonus money is available through the use of ten 100% match bonus options. This bonus is relagated for playing slots, but there is also a great table games bonus as well. has more than 150 slots alone, in addition to some great casino table games like roulette and blackjack. Download their software or use the instant play feature which allows access to the casino through your web browser.

Aladdin's Gold Casino

We decided to join up with Aladdin's Gold after we found that they had retooled their bonus to offer an even larger stack of cash. Aladdin's Gold Casino provides their users with a 200% bonus on every single deposit made in the first week of play.

Should you decide to sign on with them, you will even find that depositing is easier than most other casinos. VISA, MasterCard, and wire transfers are all eligible deposit methods through Aladdin's Gold Casino, which makes for an experience that is on the whole less stressful as you do not have to worry about being ripped off or failed deposits. Play their slot known as Aztec's Millions if you want a shot at serious money.

High Noon Casino

High Noon Casino boasts some of the best bonuses in the business, with a solid no deposit bonus leading the pack. If you offer the bonus code SIXSHOOTER you can receive a free $60 to take to their slot games, such as I.R.I.S. 3000 and T-Rex Slot. High Noon Casino accepts various deposit methods when it comes to funding your account, including VISA, MasterCard, Prepaid cards and more.

Should you join High Noon Casino, you will also have a 200% match bonus to $2,000 available for slot games, making this a very profitable casino for the player. Should you decide to join on with High Noon, you will find that they also offer frequent reload bonuses, a variety of different jackpots across their network progressive slots, and also table games that pay better than their live, brick and mortar counterparts.

WinPalace Casino

WinPalace Casino is one of the online casinos that will provide you with no short supply of bonuses, games, and winnings. WinPalace Casino will start you off with a free $10 upon signing up. The coupon code 10WIN is required in order to recover this bonus. You will see that there are over 100 games through this casino, and that you can collect a large 400% match bonus to $4,000 using the bonus code 4000FREE.

WinPalace also has other bonuses for blackjack, amongst other casino games. WinPalace Casino gives new bonuses every week, so there is always plenty of money to be collected through one of the best legal online casinos for U.S. players.

Loco Panda Casino

Loco Panda Casino is easily one of the best online casinos. As one of the legal online casinos accepting US players, Loco Panda Casino has no short supply of big bonuses and promotions, nor does this online casino have any qualms with offering such bonus coupon codes as PANDASLOTS.

American residents can get slots bonuses upon signing up with this promotional code. This bonus gives up to $4,000 by way of a 400% matching deposit bonus good for slots. This code and bonus is exclusive to our players and readers only! Loco Panda has some of the highest paying slot games around, which is why we've chosen it as one of the best casinos for you to partake in legal gambling transactions and gaming.

States Where Online Casinos Can Be Played Legally

Within the United States, online casino operation is banned at the federal level under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. But this law pertains only to sites operating within the country, and obviously cannot hold jurisdiction over the sites set up offshore. Many offshore sites accept American players from all 50 states.

In terms of online casinos that are licensed in the U.S., the state of New Jersey is on its way to formulating fully regulated online casinos licensed by the state government. This is the largest online casino project ever done, and is a huge step forward for those who argue in favor of legalized online casinos within the U.S.

Laws Relating To Online Casinos

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is a federal law prohibiting a casino from operating online in the U.S. But what you should know, and what you will find is the fact that legal online casinos operate all over the world. Some of the top online casinos are listed and detailed on this page.

While the UIGEA does limit what legal online casinos can do in the United States, players still have the freedom to sign up at many sites and play for money.

More About Legal Online Casinos

You've just gone over several great legal online casino options. You've read about what some of them offer, spanning bonuses, deposit options and more. These are key factors for online casinos, because they relate to how they operate, and furthermore, what they can offer players to choose them over other casinos in a highly competitive industry. Let's dive into legal online casinos a bit more now, and discuss a couple of important topics.

Which Legal Online Casinos Should I Trust? How Will I Know?

The good news is that there are a wide variety of trustworthy online casinos that are able to be played legally. There are a couple of different ways to answer this question, because the term 'trust' can be a bit open ended and individually defined.

The best legal online casinos in the industry will have information regarding their licensing and certifications, as well as accolades that they may have accumulated throughout their operational history.

Outside of that though are through the information you find on sites that review online casinos (like this one). Independent research is a great way and reading reviews as well as first-hand account of personal experiences on site are important.

Making A Deposit Into A Online Casino Through The Payout Process

When you play at one of these legal online casinos for real money, you will be making a deposit into an account that you have created. This account will hold all of the information that you submitted when you signed up (i.e. name, address, email etc.). The methods that a player chooses to deposit with will depend on what's offered. As an example we listed rough a half-dozen legal casinos for you to check out up above here. Of those casinos there will be many similarities in terms of what is accepted as means to deposit. Still though, each casino will have their own way of doing things, and own specific deposit options and limits.

The cashier will be in charge of the deposits, which are made as simple as possible. The preference of a deposit for the player will depend on what they want to do. Different deposits will require different information. For example a credit card will require a credit card number. But this is no different than making any other online purchase you've made before. The transaction processing is the same.

The funding will allow players to participate in betting on different games at legal casinos, whether they are table games, slots, or a combination thereof. Players that win will have the chance to request a withdrawal from the funds in their accounts.

Depending on the type of deposit method they used, they might need a different withdrawal method. This is commonly seen with credit cards. The good news is that there are several choices here, and go in conjunction with the ways that are available to deposit. The payout process starts with a withdrawal request that needs approval. From there, the method of payout is enacted and players will get their money within the parameters stipulated by the casino. The process is very simple, and any one of the casinos on this page has been validated as such.

The One Thing You Should Know About Legal Online Casinos

We want to stress the legitimacy of these online casino sites, and the fact that just because they operate outside of the United States does not invalidate that. The more you research the industry, the more you will find how highly regulated and competitive it is. It demands quality and legitimacy.

While this industry might have gotten a bad rap in the past because of its perceived illegality in the U.S., projects like what's going on in New Jersey are beginning to legitimize the industry in the eyes of U.S. law, which has a spillover effect to prospective players who perhaps had reservations or questions.

Legal Online Casino Guide (5 Key Points)

Remember the old phrase in math 'please excuse my dear aunt Sally' which helped us all remember to start with parenthesis first? Well, there is no fancy term or acronym for five key points to knowing information on legal online casinos. But we've listed them out in the order that you will come across them to ensure that you are equipped to ask any questions regarding information you are wanting from a customer service department.

These are the main things to be aware of when participating in any form of online gambling... online casinos or otherwise. As long as you are using a casino that is in good standing in all of the above criteria, you've pretty much got a winner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does federal law actually prohibit online casino gambling?

No. Federal law has not currently made it a crime for players to gamble on the Internet. What the laws have done is ban online casino sites from being based in the United States.

Are There States Where Online Casinos Are Legal In The U.S?

New Jersey passed legislation for legal online casinos in 2012, and will have a full-scale online gambling project implemented, highlighted by casinos. In fact, all 12 of the Atlantic City casinos will have legal and regulated online versions by the end of 2013.

How Do I Sign Up At A Legal Online Casino?

Each online casino will have its own way set of requirements to complete the registration process but it's fairly standard across the board. In general however, information to validate your identity and create you login for the account will be needed.

Can I Legally Deposit Into An Online Casino Account?

Yes, bettors are able to deposit legally without worrying about getting into trouble, assuming that the player involved is of age to place a real money wager. The deposit methods in which to transfer money will be found out at the particular site.

What's The Legal Age To Play At An Online Casino?

The online casino will have an age requirement on site, but then players in the United States will also need to meet their state age to bet at an online casino.

Has there ever been an arrest related to a player playing at an online casino?

Sort of - there has been an arrest over dodging paying taxes on online gambling winnings, but not just for playing the games. You can feel confident knowing that you will not get into trouble for playing at a legal online casino.

Trusted Casinos