Legal Online Poker Sites

The legalities of online poker are frequently debated. In spite of the inherent complications the industry has faced over the years, legal online poker is not that difficult to find. We have done what we can in order to locate the various sites that make it easy for you to sling the cards. We can tell you that those we have found regularly outshine the competition. We do not put much stock in that many online poker rooms so do not expect to find yourself with that many choices. Regardless, you will find that the poker rooms we have to show you are 100% legitimate, totally honest, and completely capable of turning a profit.

One thing we want you to know when you decide to start playing with any of our online rooms is that they are not going to just up and disappear. After the events of Poker's Black Friday, the day where two of the largest online poker rooms were seized by the federal government, made sure to look for only the gambling sites that we know are not going to just shut down without some warning. Due to the licensing and method of operation that each of these poker rooms employ, you will not have to worry about when the sky is going to fall and your money is going to be torn from your possession. Safety is assured.

Are Online Poker Sites Legal In The U.S.?

There are actually some places where online poker is legal to play. Specifically, in Nevada there is a state-regulated poker site that has been in operation since April 2013. And taking that a step further, New Jersey passed online gambling legislation that will allow for online casinos (including online poker) to take place. Online poker is actually in fact expected to be the biggest revenue generator of the groups of games.

Additionally, while U.S. states might be limited in legally run online poker rooms, all 50 states are accepted at offshore rooms. These sites are legal and do not violate any laws in the U.S.

Best Poker Sites That Are Legal For USA Players

If you are ready to go ahead and sign up for an account, we'd like to recommend a few of our favorite online poker sites. We use these same sites when we play because they are actually all inclusive and we already have accounts at these legal betting sites. But even if it wasn't for that, we'd still use them because everything is clean, we've never had any issues and we know these poker sites can be trusted.

Bovada Poker

Bovada is the one poker room that we have long put our money behind. They accept a variety of funding methods, offer one of the best bonuses, and boast a multitude of tables where you can sit and play a number of different styles of poker, and also various sizes of table. With 2, 6, 9 and 10 player tables, Bovada has a wide range of different options.

Omaha, Hold 'em and stud games are all available through Bovada's poker room. If you decide to sign up with them, a 100 percent match up to $1,000 can be collected when you sign up. Bovada accepts VISA and wire transfers for simple transactions, making it easy enough for you to make payments into their service.

BetOnline Poker

One of the first things that you need to know about BetOnline poker is that they accept players from all 50 states in the U.S. plus a variety of other countries. And with BetOnline operating outside of the U.S., they represent a legal poker site option. BetOnline has some great poker formats to take advantage of as well.

Both cash games and tournaments can be found at BetOnline, which cover a wide variety of different types. One of the best features is the vast tournament schedule. No matter when a player logs on, chances are there is a tournament about to start. And with the many choices of tournaments, there are many that will fit what you are looking for.

SportsBetting Poker

Don't put too much stock in the name of the site here, as SportsBetting does a great job with their legal online poker section. Poker found at SportsBetting is among the best that you will find, so we definitely suggest that you come and take a look to see what is offered.

The chance to bet real money legally is great, with many deposit options that fit the needs of different players. While a credit card deposit is common, SportsBetting's online poker site also offers a Western Union transfer to compensate for other players who might seek alternative methods. For a complete list, visit SportsBetting and check them out.

5Dimes Poker

The poker room at 5Dimes gives players plenty to look forward to. Ask a player with a 5Dimes account already in the poker room and they will tell you that it's a high quality site with no problems when trying to deposit or withdrawal. 5Dimes Poker Room is legal, accepting 50 states in the U.S. and of course many other countries. They are based in Costa Rica, and have been in operation for two decades.

You'll find a dozen different games and format that can be played legally at 5Dimes, which opens the door to many different types of poker players who prefer one game over the other. Or for the player looking to try their hand at a bunch of different games, this is the perfect site for you as well.

More About Playing Poker Online

Knowing which practical options you have for online poker is important. That's why we wanted to give you several of our best poker rooms that are legal to bet actual money on a wide variety of poker games. But there is more to an online poker site, and we want to expand upon some of those ideas to give you insight on what to expect and the process of playing at one of these sites.

How To Sign Up At A Legal Online Poker Site

There are a few steps to signing up for an online poker site that you must do in order to begin to play. The nice thing about this is that poker rooms will make it very easy to find the button to click to join now.

The process of filling out the required information is along the same lines as things that you have filled out many times before. Expect to see information on where you live, your name, email, and potentially a phone number. The account information is very legit and they want to know about you to help protect you as well in case there are any issues.

In total, you are only looking at a few minutes before your account is created and you are able to move forward to making a deposit to fund the account. The point is that there are not tricks to signing up, it's simple and easy to follow and should present no difficulties.

Online Poker Payments + Deposit Methods

Prior to creating an account, you will want to check out the methods of depositing at the site. You will not be able to use any method; you will be confined to the specific methods available on site. You want to make sure that one of these is good for you. And even look ahead at payout options for decisions to make down the line.

Among the deposit options that you are probably going to find cover general categories like types of credit cards, wire transfers, bank wires, and money orders. So as you can see there is a nice mix of available funding options. Again though, the best way to check is for specific deposits on the site.

Online Poker Payouts + Withdrawals

Withdrawing from your poker account is a similar process to a deposit, though obviously in reverse. A method to use needs to be decided and approval needs to take place by the site cashier. Once all good, your payout will be sent to you.

The big difference between most deposits and withdrawals are time. It can take different amounts of time to get your payout to you, but that is all explained on site. Types of payouts that come along at many poker rooms include checks through the mail or a courier, wire transfers, bank wires, money orders, and sometimes even the ability to put money back on your debit card.

Legal Online Poker FAQs

What Is The Legal Age To Play Poker Online?

You will need to check with your state gambling age to see if you are old enough. Ages can vary between 18 and 21. Outside of that, the legal poker sites will have written rules about how old players must be, and if they need to refer to state laws as well.

How Legit Are Legal Offshore Poker Sites?

They operate just as the one in Nevada does, along the same premise. These offshore sites are as legit as any, and because they have the burden of being perceived as shady in some cases, it makes them work even harder to legitimize the industry.

Can I Trust My Money Being At A Legal Online Poker Site?

Online poker rooms make sure that their players are taken care of. It starts with the safety of their financial transactions because if a site is to be found unable to protect information they will not be able to operate. Therefore you are able to trust your money being at a site, in particular any of the ones mentioned on this page.

Trusted Poker Sites