Legal Gambling Age In The United States

Every state has its own set of gambling age requirements, and you want to avoid violating them under all circumstances. Failure to adhere to the legal gambling ages are the best way for you to risk your money without the possibility of reward, so we do not recommend you violate the age requirements. You will generally have your money stripped from your account, followed by a ban from your gaming center, and you may even have the information forwarded to the local law enforcement which could ultimately lead to a misdemeanor or a civil citation.

We have compiled a brief list of each state's requirements in order to prevent our readers from having to worry about getting into trouble for participating in the games on the Internet. You'll be able to search out your state and see the requirements to make sure that you meet them. If you are 21 or older, you will be able to legally gamble in every state.

What's The Legal Age To Gamble In My State?

One thing that can complicate the age requirements is the fact that each state has their requirements, each site has their own requirements, and finally each type of gambling can come with its own age requirement as set by the state. Some forms of gambling will become available at a younger age than the others, which can cause a myriad of complications.

Thankfully most states have standardized their age restrictions, leaving you with only one number that you have to pay attention to. For most states the gambling age is 21, but there are a few states that allow for gambling at the age of 18. Find your state below and get some insight into what is available for those 18, those 21, and in some cases for those who are just 16 years old.

More About The Legal Gambling Age

Will I get Arrested Or Go To Jail For Underage Gambling?

This can depend on the state you live in, as these stipulations are decided at that level. Underage gambling, even online, rarely results in jail time. You are more likely to lose your bets plus faces additional fines and potentially probation.

Online gambling sites take underage gambling very seriously, and employ people that are able to sift through and figure out if the age on the site has been violated.

Is The Age To Play For Free The Same As To Play For Money?

At sites where accounts need to be created to access games and bets, the minimum age requirement still needs to be met. But there are sites that have instant play features and the ability for players to play games without betting real cash. Since you aren't betting money, the sites are much more at ease with this. It's when real money wagers are made that the gambling laws come into effect.

What's The Age To Play Online Casino Games For Real Money?

To play at a legal online casino, which will have plenty of slots and table games to lay down real money, the state age in your area will over the age that you need to be. If the site operates outside of the U.S. they will still have a gambling age. Casinos have all types of real money gambling options throughout, and you will want to make sure that you suffice all requirements according to the site and your state.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet Sports Online?

Getting in on the action at legal sports betting sites for real cash will require the age in your state to be met, along with the online sportsbook you are signing up to play. Some online sportsbook will have an age restriction that they say only needs to be met since they operate offshore. Other sportsbooks will require both ages to be met.

What's The Age Requirements To Play Real Money Poker Online?

To play online poker for free there are ways in which it can be done without having to be a minimum age. When we are talking about real money poker sites that are legal though, you can toss that out the window. It's important that you are of legal age to play poker in your state online. In the terms and conditions of the poker room you are looking at playing, you need to verify with them that you are old enough as well.

Know The Gambling Age In Your Locale... It Can Vary By County Too!

Though we are dedicated to accurate information and plenty of resources for you to check out, we want to mention that we are not lawyers, and do not know all of the specific laws pertaining to online gambling in your area. As such, we would like you to seek out additional information should you feel compelled to do so, because we want you to feel confident and safe going to an online site and betting money.

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